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Q&A with Kevin Waldron

NY children's books illustrator

I am an irish born illustrator. I live in New York now & have a studio in Brooklyn. Mostly I make children’s books. It is unusual for me not to be drawing an animal on any given day!

Software / hardware

I have a wacom tablet i couldn’t live without. I don’t actually use it to draw, I scan in all my artwork & manipulate it with photoshop. At the moment I’m enjoying being away from the computer & using coloured pencils to make poster size characters, it’s therapeutic! A lot of the jobs that come through have a quick turn around & require tweaks & changes so using the computer is unavoidable. When the storm dies down i take a day or two off & draw or paint whatever i feel like.

Ideal work environment

Desks & chairs on wheels, good light, a plant or two. It’s nice to have people doing something in the same field as you nearby, facing the same challenges & so forth. I listen to music while working, rather than working while listening to music if you know what i mean!

Work inspiration come

everywhere i guess. but i do find myself trawling through blogs or image searches of weird books, unheard of illustrators, odd ephemera. one thing always leads to another i find

Creatives you admire most

Tomi Ungerer. Mlton Glaser & Seymour Chwast. Really like the children’s books my compatriot Chirs Haughton makes. i see my friends Oliver Jeffers & Jon Burgerman here creating their art & that is inspiring to be around.

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