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Q&A with Jon Burgerman

NYC based artist, animator and maker of things

My name is Jon Burgerman. I am a human being and an artist and I've just squashed a tiny fly against my laptop screen. Sorry tiny fly, life is wonderful but also cruel. I make things, create characters and develop worlds of which you are invited to visit and partake in.


I love a black felt pen and a white piece of paper. Pure, simple and cheap.

Ideal work environment

Sunshine coming through the windows, music playing on a stereo, lunch waiting to be eaten and no-one on the phone and no emails to answer.

I long for that sunday afternoon feeling or that 4am feeling when there's a sense that the world is paused and time is endless and there are no distractions to stop you making what you want to make.

Work inspiration

People, places, smiles, faces.

Creatives you admire most

I feel bad answering these kind of questions because I admire so many of my peers but am too lazy to even begin to list more than a few of them. I've just returned from the Offset festival in Dublin and I really admired the work and imaginations of Jeff Greenspan, Richard Mosse, Sarah Illenberger, Genevieve Gauckler, Chris Judge and Maser.

The scary thing is, is that there's sooooo many cool people out there doing amazing cool stuff. It's too much to take to be honest, I might have to slink on back to bed for a lie down.