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Q&A with Luke Lucas

Typographer and graphic designer from Sydney

My name is Luke Lucas and I’m a freelance creative living on the northern beaches of Sydney. I’ve been in the creative industry for 17 years but these days I mostly specialise in bespoke lettering and illustrative type treatments. The bulk of my clients are magazines, newspapers, book publishers and advertising agencies but I also consult directly with brands.

Software / hardware

In terms of the tools I use this really can vary depending on the brief. For the most part all of my initial concepts and composition are loosely sketched with pencil on paper. Depending on the specifics of the brief, the final execution can take me anywhere from model making, painting, photography and embroidery to purely digital executions. The bulk of my work will be finished within the Adobe Creative Suite.

Ideal work environment

I’m pretty good as long as I have music and I’m surrounded by my stuff. I tend to keep my toys and books within arms reach and I like to be able to see the outside world.

Work inspiration

For the most part I work on jobs that might only go for a few days at a time and I’m usually juggling a few jobs at a time so it feels like I’m constantly conceptualising and coming up with ideas as there’s always something new in the studio. This pace keeps me inspired. In the past when I’ve done long campaign work or even when I was working on magazines for months at a time it used to take me a lot longer to come up with new ideas.