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Q&A with Zelia Sakhi

Design director of mobile agency Mobiento

My name is Zelia Sakhi, and I’m a designer.

I’m currently the design director of Mobiento – a mobile agency with offices in Stockholm, Oslo and NYC. 

Previously, I’ve worked at in London, and in a digital agency called Casus Belli back in France, where I was their senior art director.

While I used to design mostly interfaces for both mobile and desktop, most of my time is now spent managing the creativity of others. 

Even if I do miss the craft, I love to be the oil in the system.

I’m also a mom, a passionate traveller and japanophile and an avid sci-fi reader.


I’ve obviously been using the Adobe Suite forever, with all time favourites being inDesign and the recently dead Fireworks.

Being a sucker for all things automation, I’ve spent a fait amount of time playing with Extendscript Toolkit and I can say that it’s pretty bad.

If I’m honest, Keynote probably represents 50% of my software usage nowadays, coupled with a strict inbox and calendar management routine.

For fun, I love doodling on Sketchbook Pro. 


At Home, a MacBook air 13”. At work a MacBook Pro 15”. Both with 8go RAM. I use a logitech trackball and a Bamboo pen tablet.

My life depends on a to-do list, and I’ve achieved a pretty complex system of physical annotations that I scribble over my daily notes. I put all of this in an Hobonichi Planner, and I love me some good black fine liners. Other than that, I like to keep it simple and clutter-free.  

Ideal work environment

It has to be flexible, both in time and space. I need the change of setting to be able to focus on different projects all day long. 

It’s also a space where smart people challenge assumptions, take risks and abide by the "no assholes rule”. A space where "thank you” and “please” are mandatory.

If it can also have some nice, airy work zones, loads of natural light and snacks, it’s even better. 


Pop culture. Good storytelling in any form, be it video games, novels, movies, music, or internet fads. 

I consume content and images to a level close to addiction and Twitter and Pinterest have been two majors shifts in my habits. 

I’m also a compulsive observer of life and people, and my brain is full of random notes about both.

Some (old) books that really inspire me in the past:

Admire most

The shapers of changes. The natural leaders. Those who can see the world through all perspectives.