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Q&A with Tim Bray

Software developer & entrepreneur from Canada

You can read about me on Wikipedia. At the moment I’m working for Google, trying to convince app developers to get out of the password business and do a better job with Identity technology, but I’ve rarely done the same job for more than a couple of years in a row, so check back later.  I also, whatever my main job is, intermittently pitch in on standards work, currently in the IETF.  I’ve been blogging at since 2003; there are well over a million words there now.  Also, I take pictures for fun but not profit. 


I use a 15" Mac with a 30" outboard monitor, and a collection of recent Android devices.  For photography, I have a recent Fujifilm X-series camera, and sitting in the closet, a Pentax SLR with some wonderful big lenses, but SLRs are just too big, mirrorless is the future. 


Emacs, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Ruby, Go, Perl, C, Java, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Bourne shell, lots of OS X Terminal windows, Keynote, Lightroom.

Dream setup

As a photographer, I need a big screen with small pixels and good color reproduction. As a greybeard, I want something light that I can carry around all day without further wear and tear on my back. These dreams are in direct conflict. 

As a computer programmer, I want better REPLs and IDEs; at the moment, Eclipse is stupid and Go has neither.


The wonderful world around me, and having been a citizen of the Internet since it existed.

Photo: romainguy