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Q&A with Olivia Bargman

Illustrator based in London

My name is Olivia and I’m an illustrator of various projects. Editorial, kids products.

How did you start your journey in illustration and shape your early career?

When i graduated I got signed to an agency and that was an instant fast learning curve about the industry.

Which styles do you prefer in your work or/and take interest in?

I much prefer collage, the process, the aesthetic.  I love old bits of ephemera - pieces of human life. The collecting of bits is great too. It’s just finding a good system to house everything neatly.

A big part of your portfolio is represented by black and white illustration. What are the differences between color and black and white technics for an illustrator in general? Is it different perception and outlook?

It’s not the perception - it's usually the cost! Black and white work is lower in price than in colour and it is faster to produce. Aesthetically, I find black and white images evocative - I think that stems from interests in old back and white photography and from photocopiers and the textures from them. Perceptively I don’t think it’s different so much as it’s the context how it's produced (costs) and the illustrator’s style that determines this. If i’m truthful - i find colour such a difficult thing to decide upon and to execute well, I do struggle with it, so monochrome is a safe comfortable place.

How do you generate your creative energy, where does your inspiration come from?

The obvious things like going for walks, up hills and mountains. I have been visiting my home where i grew up quite regularly recently where it's all green and luscious. In London, I like to explore the streets, look at mish mash architecture and people watch.

I’m actually in a park writing this now.I  also like to go to records shops at records sleeve designs. I chat to friends