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Q&A with Paul Boag

Digital strategist, web designer, blogger

My name is Paul Boag and I am the co-founder of a digital agency called Headscape that advises clients about digital strategy and user experience design. I spend most of my days working with clients on their strategy, but when I am not doing that I speak and write on the subject too.

I am probably best well known for my blog and podcast at, as well as my books such as my upcoming book entitled Digital Adaptation.


Most of my day to day work is done on my 13” Macbook Pro and cinema display. However, I use my iPad mini extensively too. I have a Logitech Easy Switch Keyboard which enables me to toggle between writing on my mac and on my iPad.


I do most of my writing in a distraction free writing app called Byword. However, ultimately everything I write ends up in Evernote along with pretty much every aspect of my life. Evernote contains every thought, receipt, articles, webpage or image that I any passing interest in. It really is my second brain.

I am also a big Getting Things Done fan so make a lot of use of Omnifocus. Finally my email client is Mailbox because it allows me to process email so quickly.

Dream setup

I think I have it to be honest. For me its all about flexibility. I like to be able to work from anywhere. My Macbook Pro and iPad allow me to do that. Combined with a pair of noise cancelling headphones (Bose QuietComfort 20i) and a BookBook Travel Case for all the cables etc and I am set.


Everywhere. We are surrounded by inspiration, its just a matter of noticing and remembering it. Architecture, books, museums, shops, advertising, flyers, junk mail, the list goes on and on. If I see something that inspires me it gets photographed or clipped and put into Evernote. That way I can easily draw upon it if I need it.