The best todo managers for Mac OS and iOS

Task managers are must have apps for organizing your work. They allow you to create lists of tasks, combine them into projects, plan tasks and make schedules. With todo managers you don't have to keep every single task in your mind or write it down in your diary.

Review participants:

  1. Things
  2. WeDo
  3. TickTick
  4. Todoist
  5. Omnifocus


"Things" attracts users with its concise interface, interactivity and, of course, a decent list of features that make working with lists very convenient.

The design is quite pleasant: it has smooth animation, no strange commands and is very handy. You can create todo tasks and projects in one window in order to minimize the interface or vice versa expand it to several windows.

You can tag a created task, specify its due date, add a note or any other data that somehow can explain it and improve the understanding of that task. "Things" supports hotkeys and drag n drop. It's convenient to group tasks by assigning them list titles. Complicated todos can also be split up into checklists.

Via "Things" it's very easy to manage activities, distribute tasks, postpone them to another day or pick up exactly those tasks that you want to accomplish in a specified period of time.

It's very handy to view current events as well as upcoming ones: what to do in the evening after coming back home or in the coming week. If you have an impressive amount of tasks, to find something among hundreds of todos (including deleted ones) won't be a problem thanks to the search feature.

In addition to creating a detailed schedule, it's pretty handy to use "Things" as a calendar app. Similar to "Google Calendar" you can set reminders and repeating tasks.

"Things" program is available for iOS and Mac OS. If needed, you can enable synchronizing which will happen every time you log in to your account. Thus, all tasks will be available both on your iOS device and on your desktop where "Things" is installed.


WeDo is a simple and clean todo Manager for Mac OS. There are no settings in this program, but all the standard functions of a scheduler are available.

Let's start with the basic tools such as creating tasks and combining them into lists. You specify the date and time of its accomplishment, the interval and the number of reminders for each task. You can add a note or a file to a task. Splitting it into several parts is very convenient via subtasks.

The program supports team work, you can invite other participants to a project and correspondingly assign them their tasks by sending an invitation to their emails. The only thing that is required for a multi-user use is the presence of "WeDo" on other participants' devices.

This task manager basic functions are free and the cost of a monthly subscription is $4.99. However, on the developer's website there is no specified information on which features exactly require a payment.


"TickTick" is a universal task manager which combines a todo scheduler and a calendar. It's available for 11 platforms including Windows, iOS, Mac OS, Android and its web versions.

In "TickTick" events are added via a calendar and you can also set reminders of different types. Task lists are tagged and grouped into folders and you can also divide them into subtasks as in the apps above. Priority, geotags and other properties can be given to a task.

The program has a lot of settings, in particular, you can change its theme (color scheme). It won't affect anything, but you can do it for a little change of "TickTick" minimalism.

We'll also highlight some other interesting functions of this task manager:

  • Backup copying: data syncing between devices and safe storing on a service,
  • "Share Lists" feature:  delegating tasks to other users,
  • Smart tasks like creating todo lists according to different search criteria,
  • Adding outside services calendars to the program.

"TickTick" free version has a limit on creating tasks, lists and etc. and the subscription cost is $ 2.4 per month.


"Todoist" can also be classified as a “classic” task manager. The main thing that distinguishes it from other apps and makes it similar to "TickTick" is its usability with different platforms. The app is equally functional on both iOS and Mac OS; similar versions are available for Windows and Android.

It's convenient to add all tasks to "Inbox" and then sort them out by projects, assign tags and time of its accomplishment. You can bind your calendar as well as set reminders and choose repeating events. All current tasks are gathered in "Today" section when upcoming ones are transferred to "Next 7 days" section and so on.

"Todoist" provides tags and filters as well as a quick search for all todos and projects to ease the process of categorization.

In general, this program shell is quite minimalistic, but you can change its theme. It makes sense to use hotkeys: Todoist has many keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work with tasks.

Some features aren't available in its free version (e.g. comments, file attachments and "Activity log" for projects). The subscription cost of "Todoist Premium" is $28.99 per year.

I use todoist to keep all my ideas and work in check, which helps me think less about organization, and more focused on making! - Tim Holman


OmniFocus will help you to deal with a spate of tasks as we can call it an incoming tasks sorter. In general, this program form slightly differs from usual todo lists as it's more complicated but in a good way.

Our first impression is that everything is as convenient as in usual todo managers. However, in this program "Actions" which are grouped into projects are used instead of todo tasks.  In fact, Actions are no different from todo as you can also tag them, make notes, specify a priority, a due date, and so on.

The main aspect of working with tasks is the capability to overview and plan them. "Review" section is designed for these purposes. It allows you to track the progress of certain tasks during the specified time interval.   

The program is available for iOS and MacOS (licenses are purchased separately from each other) and you can enable online syncing by linking OmniFocus to your account.

This program pro-version has the following functions:

  • Automation of actions via scripts,
  • Focus Mode is a special display mode which helps you to focus while working with tasks,
  • Customizable sidebar,
  • "Custom Perspectives" is a capability to smart group lists.

OmniFocus runs my life. I use it on Mac and iOS, and it helps me relax because I know if something is in OmniFocus I can forget about it, it will get done! - Rian van der Merwe

I use OmniFocus and OmniOutliner respectfully. They're powerful, well-designed tools for professionals who want to take control of their work, and I use each app on both my Macs and my iPhone (and my Apple Watch, for OmniFocus) – Matt Gemmell