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Q&A with Meg Lewis

Mobile and web designer from Brooklyn, NY

Hello pals! I'm Meg Lewis, a designer with a boring 1980s name. I design web things, mobile things and branding things for happy people. I don't take anything too seriously and strive to be more like Mr. Bean every day. I run a design studio called Ghostly Ferns and created Scouted. We have an office at Studiomates in Brooklyn, NY.

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Software / hardware



I have an iMac at work, an iMac at home, and a MacBook Air for travel. I shoot with a Fujifilm x100s.

Ideal work environment

Somewhere that gets my juices a flowin' while allowing for bouts of hang time. That's exactly what we have at Studiomates and I love it so much. Our environment allows for me to hunker down and get work done, but when I want to take a moment to relax there are plenty of people around for me to grab and get coffee with in the afternoon or have a beer with at the end of the day.

Work inspiration

I'm a loner when it comes to becoming inspired. Yeah, sure I'm inspired by those around me and the work that they do. I just really get the most inspiration from being by myself and taking in the world on my own. Getting out and going on walks through NYC, traveling, or taking showers really brings me the most creative ideas. It's all about clearing my head and getting away from the distraction of a screen.

Creatives you admire most

There are quite a handful of incredible people whom I admire, with all of my heart, around me. They push and pull at me every day to make better and more thoughtful work. But, honestly, I think I admire my parents the most. Neither of them are "creatives" by career standards, but it took a gosh darn good amount of creativity to raise me and they did one helluva job. I'm not a parent myself and don't know a thing about raising children. But, if I had to point out an exemplary way to raise kids I would jab my finger right in their faces. They always always allowed me to be myself and made me think that anything was possible. My parents made me into the ridiculously lucky, smiling fool that I am today. So there.