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Q&A with Katie Chappell

Illustrator & designer living in Berlin, Germany

Hello! I'm Katie Chappell, an illustrator & designer living in Berlin, Germany. I illustrate and design for lots of different nice people. Right now I am working as a full-time nanny and I also freelance for a greetings card company at night time/whenever there are no babies near me.

Software / hardware

I like a nice watercolour paper A5 sketchbook and a inky black pen. When I'm working digitally I use my graphics tablet - it's a bit old and battered now but does the job.

Ideal work environment

Back in England my old studio space had a big desk beside a sunny window looking over a courtyard. There were other creatives working in the same building so there was a lovely sense of camaraderie. That was pretty ideal! Now that I'm on the move, sitting on a step in the sunshine drawing some buildings is my 'ideal' environment.

Work inspiration

I get inspired by traveling around and meeting new people, staring at new things. Drinking coffee always helps too.

Creatives you admire most

There are so so many creatives currently working who I really admire but I really love Frida Kahlo, Carl Laarson, and I was brought up looking at the illustrations of Beatrix Potter, Mabel Lucie Attwell and Quentin Blake.

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