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Q&A with Mark Dorison

Web and iOS developer from NY | Chromatic Drupal Development

I am a software developer with experience developing for iOS and the web. Most recently, I spent three years at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, where I was the Director of Application Development.

In 2013 I co-founded City Notes with Dan Frommer to help everyone find a few more of the most interesting places in the world around them.


My main machine is an 11" Macbook Air attached to a 27" Display. I picked the 11" so that I would have the smallest and lightest possible laptop for when I travel.

On the mobile side, I am never without my iPhone 5S. Besides being my most used computing device, the quality of the camera has gotten so good that I no longer feel the need to carry around a separate piece of hardware just for that. The best camera is the one that is with you, and my iPhone 5S is always there.

Software for development

I spend a great deal of my time in Xcode. When you use any tool that frequently, you are going to become familiar with all of its warts, but when you get down to it, Xcode is a superb IDE, and I am happy to see it improve substantially year over year.

I won’t write a line of code without version control, and git is my flavor of choice. Paired with Github, it makes for an amazingly robust way to collaborate and get work done.

I keep up on what’s going on in the development community (and the rest of the world) with Tweetbot on both iOS and the Mac.

Dream setup

A new Mac Pro with as many large monitors as my desk can fit. Let’s say three.


My peers. I am continually striving to improve myself and have been very fortunate to be surrounded by supremely talented people. Hi Studiomates!

Admire most

John Carmack (of id Software fame) was one of my earliest programming heroes. Being a fan not just of the work he produced but what it took to produce it had a great impact on my belief that there is a great deal of art and creativity in what we do beyond just getting the code to compile.

When it comes to fellow iOS developers there are too many to name. The fit and finish that Tapbots displays in their products is astounding.

I also have great admiration for friends and colleagues whose expertises are different from my own. For example, Dan Frommer in his writing or TJ Pitre with design and front-end development; not to mention my wife, Nic Screws, who is a fashion editor, stylist, writer, and all-around beautiful human. They are talented in areas that I am not, and I am always continually impressed and inspired by their work.