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Q&A with Chelsey Scheffe

Graphic designer from Seattle

My name is Chelsey. I have been fashioned with an endless itch to create—music, printed things, pixel things, what have you.

What inspired you to become a designer?

I saw a cool logo when I was in high school by a fellow student and I thought, "I want to make stuff like that". But when I took a design class shortly thereafter, I hated it. After high school, I found myself studying design in college. The journey between remains a baffling blank spot in my memory but the good news is, I fell in love with design in college and still love it.

What design software do you use?

I'm always using Adobe software—InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects, Media Encoder and Photoshop. I work on a 15" Macbook Pro most days and in a Moleskine sketchbook with pens, pencils, and a scanner on other days. I use Wunderlist and Basecamp for project management and google docs for various tasks and record keeping. Lastly for tunes and background noise, I'll turn on Spotify and/or various podcasts if my work allows for it.

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What is your ideal work environment?

Hm, I would say my couch with a cup of tea and a candle but that gets a bit lonely. A shared workspace is very appealing to me, where each person does something different and wouldn't mind me rolling over in my desk chair to pick their brain for a minute or three.

Where does your design inspiration come from?

I don't look at blogs and sites as much as I used to, perhaps because I'm busier. But I peruse my bookshelves every once in a while (I've collected a good stock of books), I'll look at Miss Moss, and whatever my twin sister is doing, really. She's kind of the last thread that ties me to the bustle and breakneck speed of the design industry.

Who is the person you admire most?

This is a difficult question. I can never pick just one designer or one mentor or one family member because there are many that I admire greatly in each category. So I will say this: Jesus stands above them all.