How do I become a designer?

Luke Choice

Multidisciplinary designer from Australia

I was always drawing my favorite comics growing up, but never had the confidence or the guidance to know how to make a career from it. I wasn't the most astute studier, so i avoided the idea of higher education at all costs. I spent the first couple of years after high school working odd jobs in demolition and bar tending. This helped me realize that i needed a more creative endeavor to satisfy me. I taught myself enough to start working up 21st invitations for my friends, which helped fill out an awful initial portfolio and somehow talked my way into a junior designer position at a marketing agency in Sydney.

Interview with Luke

Andrew Lyons

Freelance Illustrator, France

I studied Fine Art at university and originally wanted to be a painter, but after leaving university I fell into office work and lost interest in art for a number of years as I didn’t have space to paint. Then after moving to France and learning the language I decided to study design. I had been out of work for a time and was looking for a change of career. After finishing my design course however, I found that designing logos and websites just didn’t excite me much. I took to drawing again and discovered that the photoshop skills I had learned in my design course could be used to create illustrations.

Interview with Andrew

Chelsey Scheffe

Graphic designer from Seattle

I saw a cool logo when I was in high school by a fellow student and I thought, "I want to make stuff like that". But when I took a design class shortly thereafter, I hated it. After high school, I found myself studying design in college. The journey between remains a baffling blank spot in my memory but the good news is, I fell in love with design in college and still love it.

Interview with Chelsey

Owen Gildersleeve

London based designer

I've always had an interest in photography and fine art, and during school would spent a lot of my time either in the darkrooms developing photos, or in the art studios painting canvases. As I began try to work out what I wanted to study at university, I realised that I could combine all of my interests in design and illustration, and have carried on along that path ever since.

Interview with Owen

James Stiff

Designer from Manchester

As a child, I spent a lot of time drawing and painting. Following A-levels, I took a foundation course at Falmouth School of Art. Whilst I was there, a visiting lecturer by the name of Steve Hardstaff did an excellent job of recruiting me onto a Graphic Design Degree course at Liverpool John Moores University. It was my ticket out of Cornwall and my first, tentative step into the wonderful world of design.

Interview with James

Michiel Nagtegaal

Graphic Designer from the Netherlands

When I was a little kid I used to draw on almost anything that would hold a bit of a drawing. When the first personal computers came widely available I found myself designing and coding user interfaces on our home computer.

I like to create ‘things’ and I love a beautiful image whether it is a photograph, illustration or web interface. As a young kid I grew up reading comic books so I aspired to be a comic book illustrator once. Until I found out that it was very difficult to become a reasonably payed comic book illustrator in the Netherlands. Therefor I switched my ambitions to graphic design.

At some point I started to design flyers for the house parties we organised in our home town. Those flyers and my comic book illustrations led to a design job at a small advertising agency. From there I ended up at online agencies and eventualy started my own online agency.

Interview with Michiel

Geo La

Graphic artist from Sheffield, UK

From a young age I always enjoyed drawing and creating images so I guess I always knew I wanted to become a designer or be involved in creative practices. But I was heavily inspired later on by various artists and designers. I could name too many artists but I love people like Mike Mignola, Hokusai, Takashi Murakami and Quentin Blake as they’ve all had a hand in influencing me as an illustrator in some way.

Interview with Geo