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Q&A with Andrei Robu

Graphic designer specialised in type lettering

My name is Andrei Robu. I'm a graphic designer specialised in type lettering. I draw letters for brands and logos around the world. Sometimes I do illustration for motion graphics. (infographics in motion). Sometimes I paint. I get paid to have fun.

© Andrei Robu


Pencils, brushes and all kinds of Japanese pens.

Illustrator and photoshop.

Glyphs App for type design.

Ideal work environment

I prefer working from home because it's quiet.

I recently moved to Bangkok, Thailand, to avoid the winter in Europe.

I love it here.


Mostly from the internet. You can find anything... Old books, nature, whatever.. everything it's online.

Sad right? :)

Admire most

Doyald Young, Lubalin, DiSpigna, Luca Ionescu, Erik Marinovich, Luca Barcellona, Sean Freeman, Alex Trochut, Marian Bantjes, Luke Lucas, ... It's a long list.

Just go on and you'll find it all.