Work inspiration with Yari D'areglia

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Yari D'areglia

Senior iOS developer at NeatoRobotics | iOS web programming & development
@bitwakerOS X & iOS programming tuts

I’m an iOS/OS X lover (and engineer) and I spend a lot of nights writing for Think And Build, a Blog about "creative" development for iOS. 

How did you get started in iOS development? What is your background?

I studied Computer Science, the best choice in my life! Then I started my career as Web Developer for an Italian company and after 7 years I decided to move on iOS/OSX development funding my own company (Jumpzero) together with Nicola Armellini, one of my best friend. 

What are you working on now?

A lot of different things :) I’m writing cool stuff with Neato Robotics, I’ve almost completed PRIO, my first self-produced iOS Application, I’m writing a Book about iOS development and I’m developing a Video Game with Luca Ferri… oh! and I’m losing a lot of hairs trying to figure out how to accomplish all these tasks :|

What software do you use for your work and iOS programming?

I’m a big fan of Xcode and Unity! While for my everyday scripts I use Sublime Text.

And what hardware?

Apple! (MacBook Pro and a lot of iOS devices) 

What is your ideal work environment?

Oh I like Neato’s offices in Milan and I love their labs in Newark. Robots everywhere, great people and good food, all things that make your life better! By the way I don’t have any particular needs, just my Mac and a desk (I try to force my self to switch to standing-desk sometimes but I’m so lazy... I sit down again after 10 minutes). I love to share my workplace with other people and I’m really willing to try pair programming! although sometimes, when I’m fixing bugs, you know... I’m not that nice person and I prefer to be alone in a dark and silent room (c’mon I’m joking!!! ...ehm). 

Who are the developers you admire most?

Actually I don’t have a hero but I love all the passionate developers who share their experiences with open source and articles! Anyway, if you really need a name… well, surprise! Matt Gemmell was one of the developer that helps me the most understand tricky things about OS X development. And yes! I’m really proud to see his interview here on Workspiration next to mine!