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Q&A with Will Dayble

Tech geek turned social entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia

I'm Will Dayble, I do lots of stuff all at once. I’m into using small teams to understand and break complex systems. So far I've founded a tech agency, a school, a cafe, a not-for-profit, and a record label, amongst other less clever experiments including open source music and balloon parties. Things always seem to work better with the help of other clever people. For example, this guy is my better business half and sharpest weapon.


Digitally, a 13” Macbook Air, iPad Mini, iPhone 5, and a Kindle Paperwhite. Practically, a Honda VTR 250 (a small motorbike) is great for getting between meetings efficiently. Coffee by Syndicate.

I'll have a pair of ATM M50 headphones until I lose them (again).


For distraction-less writing I use WriteRoom. Airmail for email, Trello for project management, OnePageCMR for sales, Coda for code, Photoshop for pretties, Harvest for time / money, Coinjar for Bitcoins, Transmission for torrents, Adium for chat, Live for audio, and Google Apps for collaborative docs, calendaring, email, etc.

Dream setup

Some kind of subcutaneous implant that does all the stuff my phone does but magically knows when I want to be left alone. Also a hoverboard, because hoverboard.


Experiences, I think. I've a hunch that creativity - for me - comes from mashing together lessons from disparate and sometimes extreme experiences. Deliberately doing the dumb thing, the wrong thing, the unscalable thing. Even better is flinging that up against someone else I like and trust.