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Q&A with Victor Beuren

Illustrator and creative director from Curitiba, Brazil

I'm Victor Beuren, an illustrator and creative director living in Curitiba, Brazil. I'm 31 years old, father of Lucas and married to Fernanda. I'm always looking forward to have fun and to spend  good time with my lovely family. Basically, everything I do is thinking about them.

Software / hardware

When I work digitally (that is most of the time) I work with Photoshop and Manga Studio EX 5. Although I like to have a vector look of my art, I never use vector programs. Ironically, I don't think they are good for it. I prefer using 21.5" iMac and a Cintiq 12'. When I go analog, i usually work with a Pentel pocket brush pen, a Pentel mechanical pencil and Winsor&Newton watercolors.

Ideal work environment

A clean and quiet place, basically. Also I need air conditioning and a fan pointed to my feet! It may sound crazy, but if I don't have air flow on my feet, I get irritated and can't concentrate lol

Work inspiration

My son, videogames, beer and music. You can see that it is all related to having fun.

Creatives you admire most

Tim Mcdonagh, Nacho Yage, Francesco Francavilla, Chris Thornley, Roxie Vizcarra, the guys from I Love Dust, Logan Faerber, Sam Bosma, Kali Ciesemier and so many others! Almost everyone I follow on my twitter hahaha

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