Work inspiration with Tom Muller

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Tom Muller

Graphic designer and art director from UK


Hi, my name is Tom Muller, and I'm a graphic designer. 

Software / hardware

At the moment I'm running the CS6 Design Standard suite on my late 2011 MacBook Pro (with the max amount of RAM), hooked onto a 27" Apple Cinema Display. I have a 4TB drive that acts as my main backup drive, and another 500GB portable LaCie drive for recent work archiving and have a 200GB Dropbox account to sync and store current projects. Apart from CS6 apps, I also use BBEdit, Espresso, MAMP when I'm working on websites, even though I don't really do any more project-critical coding.

In the background I have Tweetbot and Spotify running. Next to my hardware setup I rely heavily on pen and paper iteration, so I always have two or three open sketchbooks on my desk (A5 softcover Moleskines and a batch of Field Notes). My preferred pens are Staedler Permament markers (F) and Rotring Tikky Graphic (0.3, 0.5) and Pigma Micron 04 pens.

Ideal work environment

I think I've managed to set up my close to perfect work environment. In my home studio I'm surrounded by everything I like, from books to comics, toys, music and plants.


From everywhere. You just need to look and listen.

Admire most

People who can carve out a niche by doing the work they want to do.