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Q&A with Tiffany Wardle

Graphic designer and typographer from San Jose, California

Photo: Tania Raposo

My twitter bio says: “Type. Typography. Design. History. Travel. Music. Movies. Food. Friends. Family. Love. Not always in this order.” I used to live to work, but now life comes first. But for work I am a graphic designer and typographer. Or maybe I'm a typographer first and graphic designer second. My favorite thing to do is have a job which requires me to focus on the minutiae involved in typography.


I use a 13-inch MacBook Pro with an extra display, bluetooth mouse and keyboard, a few external drives, a simple Konica printer. Really the tools don't matter. Hopefully the work I do with them is what counts.


I spend most of my time when designing in InDesign and/or Illustrator.

Dream setup

I'd like to get a new 13-inch Macbook Pro, with the Retina display and the extra GHz. I'd also like a new display. This one is showing its age. Since we are dreaming I'd also like to get and iPad Mini and access to a time machine.


I try to keep an open mind—and my eyes wide open—and allow ideas to come from anywhere.