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Q&A with Thomas Thwaites

London-based designer | Technology and science researcher

Thomas Thwaites, ‘Designer’ (in a broad sense of the term).


That little dongle thing for plugging in my laptop to give presentations - I use that a lot as much of my work is talking about my work it seems! Also my SLR camera for videos.

Also a workshop with table saws, drills, mould making equipment and whatever… For making stuff! And I just bought a kiln.


Keynote and email. I’m terrible at graphic design so let the pros do that when I need it. Occasionally Final Cut

Dream setup

Ahh, well, a nice ZCore 3d printer, a big CNC machine, a laser cutter, and more fun machines… Oh yes, and a nice Canon 5D with loads of lenses and mics.


Hmmm, not sure really. Just stories, and sort of deciding to have some fun.