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Q&A with Stuart Whitton

Illustrator and visual artist

Hello, my name is Stuart Whitton. I’m a freelance illustrator and visual artist from South Wales based in London.

© Stuart Whitton


I use a range of traditional mediums to create my artwork but have a particular soft spot for graphite. I adore working in such an analog manner, which I feel allows me to add a real personal touch to the image that is being created.

In the rough stage of creating work I use Photoshop to combine and manipulate any reference material to begin to shape the piece. Once the drawing is completed it is scanned in so that any necessary alterations can be made before being sent to the client.

Ideal work environment

A tidy space with a big desk, music playing and a kettle close by.


I love the idea and craftsmanship of handmade items,

Admire most

This is always a difficult question as there are so many creatives that I admire for different reasons. A particular favourite at present is Jean Jullien, his strong style and ability to visually summarise a scene or situation is wonderful to see.