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Q&A with Steven Bonner

Designer & typographer from Stirling, Scotland

I'm Steven Bonner, and I'm equal parts designer, illustrator and type guy.

Favorite fonts

I don't think I have any particular favourites. I tend to think there's a typeface for every situation, but seeing as how I draw most of my own type, I've never become particularly attached to any one typeface or family.


I draw everything in Illustrator. If it's a lettering job Illustrator gives me plenty of tools that help me create what I have in my head, but if I'm designing a typeface, then I can use it to finalise the design and then pass it onto a real developer to build in Fontlab or whatever. I'd like to start drawing in Fontlab myself actually; it would make a lot of sense.

Ideal work environment

One where I can learn from talented people and contribute my own ideas. As a freelancer I generally work on my own, but my favourite projects are always the ones where I'm able to work with others. Ideally, I'd like to work in a shared studio environment with lots of people who all do different things. The bigger the pool of skills and ideas, the more interesting work we can do.


Literally anything. I tend to see things while I'm not looking that just click something in my head then I go and jot it down. I almost never have a good idea while I'm trying to. My bigger ideas tend to come when I'm about to fall asleep for some reason. I think it's something to do with not thinking; it leaves room for ideas with substance to form.