Work inspiration with Sophie Shepherd

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Sophie Shepherd

Graphic designer for Happy Cog - Austin, TX

I'm Sophie Shepherd. I live in Austin, TX and work as a designer for Happy Cog. At Happy Cog designers do a lot of stuff, so I'm one part graphic designer, one part UX designer, and one part front-end developer.

Software / hardware

My hardware set up is a 13-inch Macbook Air hooked up to Thunderbolt Display. I love it because it's simple, portable, and just works.

I use Photoshop for design and Sublime Text 3 for code. I use Google Docs a lot for writing and documentation, because more times than not I'm collaborating with someone else. I use CodeKit and Tower for compiling and Git since I'm still a designer at heart and need a GUI to understand what the computer machine thing is doing. 

Ideal work environment

Clean, well-lit, and quiet.


At work, it comes from my coworkers. They are incredibly talented and smart and I'm inspired to keep up with them. Out of work, it comes from hobbies. My three current creative pursuits are wheel throwing, cooking, and vegetable gardening. They give me lots of opportunities to try new things with very little risk.

Admire most

I admire artists who do something good with their skills. For example teaching, helping others, raising money, etc.