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Q&A with Shane Parrish

Editor of Farnam Street

I'm Shane Parrish, editor of Farnam Street, a multi-disciplinary repository of knowledge. Basically, I'm a reader who likes to share what I'm learning with others and expose them to things they didn't know they were interested in.


I was working exclusively on a Macbook Air but with all the time I was spending in front of the tiny screen, I switched to an iMac right before Christmas last year. I also use an iPad mini way more than I thought I would and I run my consulting business off my iPhone. I also love old school hardware, like notebooks, index cards, and paper.


I'm not huge on software but, I use iA Writer or Google Docs to write. Despite my on-again, off-again relationships with Evernote, I'm generally a fan of them. I use Acorn for some of my image processing and the kindle app for reading.

Dream setup

A clean desk with a fully loaded iMac. A flash drive and more ram would be awesome.

Work inspiration

I'm curious and love to learn new things. Everything flows from that.