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Q&A with Seb Lester

Typefaces and type illustrations in in Lewes, East Sussex

My name is Seb Lester. I'm a designer and artist. The focus of all of my work is letterforms, whether it's a large corporate typeface, a letterform based illustration, or an original piece of artwork.

Favorite typefaces

Typefaces are tools, so it depends what the job is. Typography is about finding the right tools for the task at hand. I am as interested in very simple, functional letterforms as I am in florid extravaganzas so it is hard to pin down a specific typeface. I am fond of my own type designs Scene, Neo and Soho.


I use FontLab, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop.

Ideal work environment

Two desks. One for traditional calligraphy and lettering and one for digital work.


The last two thousand years or so of letterform design in the West. People, places, virtuosity in music, art and design.