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Q&A with Tilly (Running For Crayons)


My name's Tilly aka Running For Crayons. I am a full time illustrator from Brighton, UK. My work in predominately character based, with a touch of humour. By day I work on commissions, by night I work on personal work, adding to my 'made up friends'.


I usually start off sketching with a HB pencil in my sketchbook and then once I have honed in my ideas I’ll pick up my Staedtler pens (0.05, 0.1 and 0.2 are my choice of nibs) and draw the final ink on a layout pad, create some textures with colouring pencils and anything that makes a nice texture, then scan and finally digitally finish off on the Mac.

Ideal work environment

Where I am now, my studio is a stone's throw from the sea where I share the space with four other talented graphic designers/illustrators. It's a friendly inspiring space filled with books and prints. Most importantly, I'm in charge of the music.

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The colourful and often eccentric characters that inhabit this particularly diverse corner of England often make me want to start drawing. I also get hugely inspired by travelling and taking time out. I went to Nepal, India and Japan a while ago and those memories and photos still give me great ideas.

Admire most

The folks I share a studio with; Tonwen Jones and Big A Band are a constant inspiration. I also really like Tuesday Bassen, Laura Carlin and Kaye Blegvad, I'm currently swooning over her ceramics and jewellery.