Work inspiration with Owen Davey

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Owen Davey

Freelance illustrator based in UK

I am a freelance illustrator based in Leicester UK. I work in a modern but retro-inspired way, concentrating on colour, composition and texture.


Always a pencil, sometimes a pen, sometimes a brush pen, sometimes watercolours. Always Photoshop, sometimes Illustrator.

Ideal work environment

Doesn't actually matter that much for me. I get into a zone and stay there, so my surrounding melt away a bit. Nice to be somewhere social so that when I'm not working, I can have a chat though.

Work inspiration

Life and the Internet.

Creatives you admire most

Charley Harper is always a winner. He was a master. I won't list all the contemporary illustrators whose work I admire because we'd be here all day. People I follow on Twitter & Dribbble basically.