Work inspiration with Nicolas Gallagher

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Nicolas Gallagher

Software Engineer at Twitter

My name is Nicolas Gallagher. I'm a European living in San Francisco, and working as a Software Engineer on the Web Frameworks team at Twitter. I write at and tweet from @necolas.


13" MacBook Pro (pre-2012).


On a daily basis: Vim, iTerm 2, Alfred 2, Google Chrome, KeePass.

I maintain most of my OS X software / settings setup as "dotfiles".

Dream setup

What I have now is pretty good and easy to iterate on.


Anywhere I suppose. I read and research a lot, especially if I'm procrastinating. I studied Anthropology and Natural Sciences, which has afflicted me with a tendency to look into almost anything, if I'm in the right mood. That's how I got into software design and engineering. Twitter helps me find all kinds of interesting people and things too.