Work inspiration with Nick Pettit

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Nick Pettit

Designer, public speaker, teacher at Treehouse

My name is Nick Pettit and I've been designing websites for 15 years. I'm currently a teacher at Treehouse, an educational video tutorial service that teaches web design, web development, and iOS. I also co-host The Treehouse Show, a weekly video podcast about front-end design and development.

In school I studied fine art and I have a passion for combining art and technology. I reside in sunny Orlando, Florida with my girlfriend. When I'm not designing, teaching, or speaking, I like to exercise, play video games, and drink good coffee.


I use a 15" Retina MacBook Pro as my primary computer. I use my iPhone when I'm on the go. My favorite tool is a pencil and paper, though. There's no faster way to iterate on ideas.


Most of the time I'm using a web browser and a text editor, but I'll also pop into Adobe products like Photoshop and Illustrator when I need to build assets. 

Dream setup

An Oculus Rift, although I'm also looking forward to Apple creating a 4k display.


My inspiration comes from my mind and the universe around me. The universe expands outward infinitely and the mind expands inward infinitely. My best ideas come from exploring those two places.