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Q&A with Mike Kus

Designer from UK specialising in brand / UI design

My name is Mike Kus. I'm a designer specialising in brand design, web and graphic design, illustration and some photography.


My day to day tools are pencil, paper, Epson scanner,  mac book pro 13, old 23 inch matt screen apple monitor & iPhone.


I mainly use Photoshop & Illustrator. On occasion I use iMovie of remaking films and Basamiq for wireframing. I also use Tiltshift generator to edit my iPhone photos and Instagram to post them.

Dream setup

I have everything I need... it would just be nice to have an office with a good view.


I get my inspiration from looking at a lot of different design in different disciplines. I always find the best way to create interesting work is to purposely look at a different disciplines, so that your work isn't just an extension of what's already out there. For example, I might get inspiration for the visual style for a website from some wallpaper I saw or some old film credits etc.