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Q&A with Michelle Turton

Freelance illustrator @ Birmingham, UK

I’m Michelle Turton a freelance illustrator based in Birmingham, UK. I specialise in portrait, travel and lifestyle illustration. I currently divide my time between freelance illustration, creative workshops and digital marketing.

What was the last adventure that inspired you?

I’m actually travelling to Peru again this September for a month. I’m half Peruvian and have family there so have been back and forth between Peru and the UK for some years now. I always find it an inspiration, the colours, atmosphere and culture is intoxicating.

Where do you usually meet your illustration inspiration - at your studio, in the city or outside the city?

I can be inspired anywhere whether at home, in the studio or travelling. I think it’s important to have new and different experiences, whether that’s in the form of events, film, music or books, in order to be inspired.

Do you believe in creative inspiration, do you draw your inspiration from simply working hard?

I believe in creative inspiration and working hard. I find I’m most productive and feel most inspired while working under pressure. It’s in challenging situations that I find I’m forced to think differently and experiment with new approaches. That may explain why I like to travel so much, it forces you out of your comfort zone and to view the world from different perspectives.

Who are the best illustrators in Birmingham / UK / surroundings whose work you admire?

I admire the work of Helen Green a fellow portrait illustrator from Birmingham. I also admire the work of Paula Bonet and Nimit Malavia they’re both master draftsmen.