Work inspiration with Margot Harrington

Portrait photo by Lucy Hewitt

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Margot Harrington

Graphic designer | Pitch Design Union: Interactive, branding, book design

My name is Margot Harrington and I started my graphic design practice, Pitch Design Union, in 2008 after I got laid off. My client work is primarily websites and branding for small businesses, non-profits, and arts/educational organizations. In 2014 I'm working to include art shows, talks, and more sleeping. 

© Margot Harrington

Software / hardware

Logos in illustrator, Photoshop/inDesign for web and print layouts. I'm also the only designer I know who actually uses Adobe's Bridge, I like to see lots of images all at once when I'm looking for something. I use a Wacom Bamboo tablet with a Macbook Air and 23" display. Chrome is my browser of choice and Taco is my favorite code editor. For displaying web layouts and tracking revisions I use InVision app. I write in TextEdit. For task management I use both old and new Basecamp, Trello, Dropbox, Google Drive, Fantastical, iCal, and sometimes Sunrise. For to do lists it's all pen and paper. My current sketch/notebook of choice is a super simple 5x7" spiral bound one from Muji. I also must devote a large part of my productivity to Spotify, iTunes for podcasts (this interview for my favorite podcasts), Netflix, Hulu, and TV in general. 

Ideal work environment

I don't think this exists actually. If I think about my environment too hard then I'm not at all focused on what I'm supposed to be doing. There is a point when organizing and styling the workspace becomes procrastination. Generally speaking though, anything flexible is ideal, either location or configuration. I need good internet minimum, but I could also probably have a better chair or maybe a stand-up desk. A drawing or mess-making area would be nice at some point too. It's gotta be warm enough because I like to be cozy and relatively tidy. From there, books, whatever quirky and knick-knacks, posters/artwork are all bonus. 

Work inspiration

The internet. Contemporary Art. Twitter, books, interesting architecture, science, Beyonc?, museums, nice people making nice things for the world, cleaning and organizing.

Designers you admire most

Designers? There's too many to list! Also, anyone/thing can be inspiring so. How about some of biggest influencers instead? Sister Corita Kent, Ben Shahn, Georges M?li?s, Janelle Mon?e, Sonnenzimmer, Ann Friedman, Louis CK, Cameron Esposito, Sanna Annukka, David Byrne, Chicago, LA, SF, New York, Portland OR, Canada, my family are some things I can think of now. I'm sure this will also change in the future.