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Q&A with Marcus Fairs

Founder of, journalist

I'm the founder and editor-in-chief of Before that I was a journalist working on various print titles and was the founding editor of icon magazine. Long, long before that I studied design.

Software / hardware

We use Apple in the office. I've just bought a MacBook Air as heaving my MacBook Pro around everywhere was getting tiring. Our software is increasingly online or cloud based. Dezeen runs on WordPress and most of our documents are on Google Docs. The editorial team use Trello and Evernote for workflow and organisation.

Ideal work environment

There are so many permutations. I believe in having the team together in the same place and as long as it's warm, comfortable and has good coffee, nothing much else matters. We all work out of the office a lot too and I'm equally happy at home on the sofa, in a hotel room, cafe or bar.


I'm a journalist so the word "inspiration" doesn't mean much to me. I get ideas from absolutely everywhere. Sometimes I don't remember where they come from, they just get absorbed and pop out again much, much later.

Admire most

I can't really admit to having favourites in my line of work! Although I think that Rem Koolhaas is the most important living person in architecture and design.