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Q&A with Luke Brookes

Freelance Illustrator from UK

My names Luke Brookes, I'm a freelance illustrator based in Staffordshire UK. I create in-depth, often narrative illustrations inspired by compostition and colour.

Software / hardware

I use a combination of pencil, black ink and digital media. Starting out drawn, then inked and then coloured digitally.

© Luke Brookes

Ideal work environment

Anywhere that has a lot of light and is quite simply laid out, i get very easily distracted so clutter is a no no. I work next to my wife so i'm always in good company.

Work inspiration

I draw a lot of inspiration from past experiences so i'm always trying to do new things and visit new places. Also trawling the internet, trying not to procrastinate to much...

Creatives you admire most

Pretty much everyone who i follow on twitter and Instagram, some stand out illustrators for me are Owen Davey, David Doran and Keith Negley.