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Q&A with Lizz Lunney

Comic artist, character designer and joke writer

My name is Lizz. I write jokes, I draw comics, I make giant characters which I carry to public places, I do animation, I paint walls, I eat crisps, I sleep small and I dream big.

How did you get started in comic illustration, what is your background?

I have a degree in Animation which spiralled out of control and landed into the world of comics where I stayed for ten years. I used to make puppet animated horror films with fake taxidermy animals, a practice which I'm recently renewing an interest in. I draw everyday like I have some kind of drawing disease.

Where did you study? Looking back, could you recommend your path for beginners in illustration?

I studied at a University in a fancy part of England. I can't recommend a path because the map keeps changing, I'd suggest looking at Google maps for the constantly updated route although the blue arrow isn't very reliable if your internet connection is slow on your phone.

What is a turning point in your professional career?

I'm always at a turning point in my professional career, in fact, some days I spent whole afternoons sat in the middle of the room spinning around and around on the office chair laughing and crying simultaneously.

What is your ideal work environment? Do you prefer to work at studio all day long or mix a few activities?

My ideal work environment would be a beautiful self owned studio in a seaside town with some cute folk band playing acoustic songs for me live and a handsome butler bringing me delicious cakes and green tea whenever I ring a small bell. In reality I usually work at a desk in my room a few inches away from the bed and days can pass by where I've eaten nothing but porridge. My workspace can vary depending on what I'm doing- it can be painting a window on location somewhere or working in a studio for a big job or sat in a cafe sewing. Wherever I'm working I like my books to be in rainbow order.

You can see examples of my workspace in this film that was part of my recent exhibition.

Where are your favorite places in your city or outside?

My favourite place in Berlin is the Ramones Museum, they sell amazing cheesecake and it is close to the Renate Comic Library which holds monthly meet ups.

Who are the designers and comic illustrators, colleagues you admire most?

I admire all of my friends who are drawing comics or creating art because it isn't easy. I also admire all of my friends who are doing things other than drawing comics and creating art because that isn't easy either.