Work inspiration with Leah Culver

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Leah Culver

Developer Advocate at Dropbox

Hi! I'm currently a Developer Advocate at Dropbox. I help with their APIs and Platform. My background is in web and mobile development. For the past two years I've mostly worked on iOS apps. I'm a co-author of both the OAuth and oEmbed specifications and am a supporter of open source and open APIs.


I have two MacBook Airs, one for home and one for work. I pretty much do everything on my iPhone these days though.


On my laptop(s) I use the Chrome browser, XCode for iOS development, Sketch and Acorn for image editing, Sublime Text 2 for website editing, and Colloquy and Adium for chatting. On the iPhone I'm obsessed with Mailbox, Sunrise, Moves, Yahoo! weather (best weather app, seriously), Google Maps, Instagram, Uber, Path, Clear, and Nike+. I use so many apps... I'm probably forgetting quite a few.

Dream setup

The internet directly into my brain. As disturbing as it sounds, I'd probably be an early adopter. 


I'm really inspired by other engineers who are building crazy stuff. I love the stuff that's really out there and probably way ahead of its time. Right now I'm really interested in apps that take advantage of device features that are unique to mobile such as location, camera, accelerometer, geo-fencing, facial recognition, camera flash, etc. There's a ton of cool stuff that you can hack on a phone. I'm also interested in wearable devices (Google glass, watches) and other types of sensors (Nest etc).