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Q&A with Kyle Bean

Image maker and designer specialising in hand crafted models

I am a London based image maker and designer. I enjoy working in a tactile way, making hand made models, sets and props for a variety of clients. On a day to day basis I enjoy experimenting with materials and using them to create unexpected and playful results. Keen on collaboration, I often work with photographers and directors for editorial, fashion and advertising projects.

Software / hardware

Although the majority of my work is hand made using physical materials and techniques, I still use computer software regularly. I use Photoshop and Illustrator to sketch and assemble my ideas. I also occasionally use After Effects for animation work.

Ideal work environment

I could always do with more space! Ideally I would divide my space into three distinct areas. The main area would be a couple of work desks with my cutting mats, and a plan chest with all my sheet materials. I’d also have a semi-permanent photography area where I could setup and shoot the models I make. Last but not least, I’d love a small workshop with some machine tools such as a band saw and a drill and a spray booth. Ideally this would all be in a big open plan space with lots of light, potentially sharing the workshop with some other artists and maker types.


I have a keen interest in film. I love going to the cinema and engaging in a story like that. I think it helps me overcome creative blocks, a way to clear my mind and start a project from fresh. I love taking inspiration from industry and technology and combining those inspirations with my hand crafted approach.

Admire most

Rene Magritte, MC Escher, Thomas Heatherwick, Fritz Kahn, Grayson Perry.

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