Work inspiration with Kieran Mithani

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Kieran Mithani

Motion / Design / Direction

I’m Kieran, i live in London and i suppose that ‘design' is the broadest sense of what i do which i know is very vague. I suppose most of the time i’m working with animation, motion graphics and post production. I pretty much try and dive into whatever fascinates me though, so i’ve built apps, love street photography, writing, good coffee and a little bit obsessed by audiobooks at the moment.


Software wise, my cornerstones are cinema 4d, after effects, Realflow, photoshop and a bit of illustrator, for me that mix is almost perfect and rarely venture out unless i have a little play with something cool like Processing or some experimental bit of freeware i stumble across. Agisoft Photoscan is taking up a lot of my time at the moment, that photoscanning stuff is incredible tech.


Hardware… i’m on a Mac pro (big silver tower still) i have a macbook air which i take everywhere and love because it restricts what i can do on it, perfect for writing and consuming rather than being tempted to build out any complex 3D scenes or anything like that. I have a 7D for general filming, textures etc but for most personal photography i carry a Fuji X100s EVERYWHERE with me and i absolutely love it, in fact it’s one of the most coveted things i own.


Inspiration comes from lots of places really, i read a lot, watch lots of films and do try and get out as much as i can. It’s a constant battle as someone who creates the sort of work i do, not to spend all the time sitting at a computer rather than getting out there in the mix of life because one feeds the other and things can go a bit stale if you don't. London is amazing for that, there’s loads going on. In terms of the internet, i think Pinterest is great, Fffound is brilliant and i find twitter is amazing for some of the links people post. Also the amount of Youtube black holes i find myself in is scary, it’s so addictive and can suck up hours and hours, but so worth it most of the time to see where you end up!

Admire most

Most of the individual artists i admire are nearly all film directors, possibly because i harbour a strong desire to eventually direct, but Sydney Lumet, Stanley Kubrick, Paul Thomas Anderson, Spike Jonze, Robert Altman, Scorsese…. the list is pretty extensive but great brands, fashion houses and companies are also really inspiring when they are on top of their game with a compelling vision. I find that the way that people approach things and how they go about forcing their ideas into reality is more inspiring to me than the technical stuff because it all really starts with a good idea combined with a committed decision to make it happen, which can be much harder than it sounds so i love discovering those stories.

Photographers like Garry Winogrand, Ansel Adams and Robert Capa are great too, there’s endless places to get inspired. In terms of people doing their thing in the 3D world at the moment, i love what Chris Labrooy is doing with fun 3D design and for technical mastery, Alex Roman is incredible, i just got a copy of his book actually, it’s really beautiful.