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Q&A with Kemeny Francisco

Designer and strategic director from Buenos Aires

I'm a designer by trade, but the internet found me. I started building websites at age 13, when the hot online community was Geocities. Since then I've been roaming the cyberspace. After design school I got suckered into advertising. I was lucky enough to be one of the first in Chile to create brand communications and marketing through social media.

Today I'm a partner at Blacksheep Social Media Center & Digital Agency. My work as strategic director is mainly focused on leading our clients digital and social media endeavours introducing innovative concepts for their brand development.

I define my work as net-hunting to understand how consumers interact with each other.


Paper first, my co-pilot is a Moleskine notebook. My toolbox is a 13" MacBook Air, fuelled by an 1.3GHz Intel Core i5 and a 20-inch Cinema Display. My knife is an iPad Mini. My gun is my Motorola Moto X, running Android KitKat with 4G/LTE mobile connectivity. I sometimes carry my Panasonic Lumix DMCLX5 to help me hack better pictures for Instagram. Also, I read my (e)books on a D01100 Kindle.


Chrome, Keynote and OmniGraffle. I sketch and draw ideas on OmniGraffle. Turn them into pitches on Keynote and share them through Chrome.

Dream setup

I really want to get my hands on a QX100 Smart Lens from Sony. It would be great to update to a thunderbolt display, including faster data transfer on all extra connection ports. My dream setup is to have the ability to turn my MacBook Air into a serious desktop setup, this would include external keyboard, trackpad and a dock that keeps everything neatly organised on my desk.


Travel is my number one inspiration source. I've been in all types of places and always looking at how people interact with each other through technology. I also follow major media outlets and how they are adapting to new user trends and media consumption.

I've built a system for consuming large amounts of news ranging from technology related to design and current world affairs. I believe inspiration is based on observation and to observe we must constantly be looking for queues all around us.