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Q&A with Karin Soderquist

Illustrator based in Stockholm

My name is Karin Soderquist, I'm an illustrator and a packaging design student based in Stockholm.

How did you get started in illustration, what is your background?

I've always liked drawing and painting, since I was a kid, so doing that for a living seemed like a good idea.

Where did you study? 

I spent a couple of year at preparatory art schools in Sweden and after that I moved to London and got a degree in illustration from Camberwell College of Arts. I had a great time and made some really good friends that I miss very much now that I'm living in Sweden.

What is a turning point in your professional career?

Haven't really had one yet, I've just slowly, over time, built up more and more freelance work.

What is your ideal work environment? Do you prefer to work at studio all day long or mix a few activities?

At the moment I'm working at home in my living room. I'm not freelancing full-time but the days when I get to spend all day at my desk drawing are my favorite. If I spent more time freelancing I'd like to share a studio with some other illustrators or designers. I like spending time on my own but working from home can get lonely too. It'd be nice to have some people to discuss your ideas with and maybe have a cup of coffee with once in awhile.

Where are your favorite places in Stockholm or outside?

When friends come to visit I usually recommend that they go to Bonniers Konsthall, they usually have some interesting art exhibitions on. Galleri Magnus Karlsson has some pretty great show as well. If you're in Stockholm in the summer it's nice to just hang out in a park. Skinnarviksparken is my fav, it's got a beautiful view over the city!

Who are the designers and illustrators, colleagues in your city/country or outside you admire most?

Right now I'm really into witchy girl illustrators like Stellar Leuna and Pippa Toole. I'm also always a big fan of the amazingly colourful work of Hedof. And speaking of colourful, my friend Åsa Wikman made some beautiful artwork for a recent exhibition we put on together with or illustration collective Bat County Collective!