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Q&A with Joshua Mauldin

Product designer for iOS and the web, Charlotte, NC

I'm Joshua Mauldin. I plan design for iOS and the web. Things I do constantly are understanding how to solve problems, crafting wireframes, flow charts and prototypes to communicate how I’ll solve a given problem. Then I get to make them pretty and obsess over details like typography.


I've got a couple machines, depending on where I'm working. A Mac Mini, which powers a 27" Thunderbolt display. I've got a 13" MacBook Pro Retina, too.


Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sublime Text, Transmit, git. Ember and Rdio serve as creative libations. Also, Fireworks (can we say Rest In Peace yet? Too soon?).

Dream setup

Giving me a big 27" Retina display would make me lose my mind. The rest of my setup's great.

If I'm just dreaming, a solid way to code and develop apps on a device would be lovely.


I surround myself with good work. It comes from @dribbble, Twitter and good books. I read a lot about typography. I think a few good ones are: Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far, Don't Make Me Think. While not always directly responsible for inspiration, taking hikes and getting out from in front of the screen helps me think deeper and freer about what I'm working on. Also, hanging out with my dog.