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Q&A with Joe Leech

UX Director from UK | Author of "Pocket Guide to Psychology..."

Hello, my name is Joe Leech. I'm User Experience Director at cxpartners in Bristol, UK. You might know me as @mrjoe on Twitter.

I research, design and advocate to create user centred stuff that's the best it possible can be.

I work with clients like Marriott, Disney and others on projects that are global and therefore a really exciting challenge.

I wrote a book, Psychology for Designers earlier this year.


As I travel a lot with work I have a MacBook Air 11" and my mini clipboard.

I keep an old 5.25" floppy disk drive on my desk to remind what it used to be like using computers in the old days.

My old 5.25" Atari Drive and mini clipboard.

At my desk a 23" Samsung Monitor and Apple Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad.


For note taking in research I use the wonderful Pearnote. Pearnote records audio and text notes and links the two together. I click on a piece of text and it plays the audio recorded at that time. Great for reviewing research sessions.

I use nvAlt to write blog posts, articles and my book. I write Markdown to make my life easier.

For design Sketch app. For web design there really is nothing that can beat it. I typically produce lo-fi wireframes and and pass on to a designer who uses Sketch to extend the wireframes. Makes working together much easier.

We use InVision to discuss designs and gather feedback. We're also beginning to use it to prototype interactions and use in research.

I use ComicLife to advocate design. Creating comic books really helps explain the thinking behind a design. It shows user context and importantly gives a feel for how the design will be used.

Kevin Chang's book See What I Mean gives a great overview of using comics to communicate ideas.

I use Teux Deux to keep on top of my tasks. It's the perfect app, lightweight and simple.

Dream setup

Ten years of working in UX has meant ten years of working at a desk. I'm looking at a stand-up desk to make life easier on my back.

A bigger display would help so Apple if you are listening I'll happily try out a 27" Cinema display.


Outside of UX I restore old bicycles. My latest is a 56 year old Humber that is beautiful.

Bikes are simply engineered, lovely to look at and a joy to use.  A mix of the structure, the feel and the utility. I strive to make my designs the same way.