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Q&A with Joe Doucet

Designer of things, artist, entrepreneur, and inventor from NY


I've been designing in the same Moleskine Sketchbooks since university. I have about 100 filled ones in the studio. The work is realized on Macs with the CS suite and we have a PC for Solidworks.

Ideal work environment

Our studio is quite nice. organized enough to bring clients to, messy enough to be filled with projects and prototypes in the making. We are at any one time working on a dozen or so projects. An ordered chaos is the right environment for that.


Inspiration is not really a factor in my work. It is about working through a problem in a way that leads to the most elegant and direct solution. That requires deep thought and concentrated effort. Inspiration is an unreliable ally.

Admire most

Some find it odd, but I'm not a fan of design. It's just something I love to do. However, Nendo never fails to impress me.