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Q&A with Jim Rogers

Full time illustrator based in Birmingham UK

Hi I'm Jim, I work as a full time illustrator based in Birmingham UK. By night I work as a freelance character designer and by day I work as a creative at ORB Branding Agency based in the UK.


I mainly work with Illustrator and Photoshop, sometimes Indesign if the job requires some design but I try my best to start all my work with good ol' pencils and paper. I've recently got my hands on a Wacom Tablet but I'm still getting to grips with it.

Ideal work environment

Ideally I like to work from home but if I'm honest I'd only get distracted by the internet or computer games. I find I tend to work best at the office surrounded by other creatives.


A lot of my work is inspired by pop culture and film and cult tv shows that I like. I read a lot of comics too. One day I'd like to pluck up the courage to write my own.


That's a big question! I have a big list but some of my favourite illustrators include Scott Campbell, Andrew Kolb, and Tad Carpenter. When I was younger I was inspired by Steve Purcell and artists from the Beano such as David Sutherland and Leo Baxendale.