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Q&A with Jeremy Bailey

"Famous New Media Artist" from Toronto

I'm Jeremy Bailey, a self proclaimed "Famous New Media Artist". I create and demonstrate augmented reality software and hardware in performances all over the world, often over the Internet.

Software / hardware

I do almost all of my creative coding work in Max by Cycling74 on a MacBookPro. In addition I use a variety of peripherals including Nintendo Wiimotes, Microsoft Kinects, and I'm very recently got a Parrot Drone that I'm very excited about!

Ideal work environment

If I'm not in front of an audience performing my ideal work environment is on my couch at home in Toronto with a cup of tea.

Work inspiration

My original inspiration is video art from the 1970s, like this one by William Wegman or this one by Colin Campbell. I'm also inspired by early computer vision experiments and documentation, like this video by David Rokeby, and a variety of youtube personalities who make monologue style videos about everything from what they just bought to how to put on makeup and what they think about the last episode of game of thrones.

Creatives you admire most

I admire a lot of fellow internet artists such as Rafa?l Rozendaal, Constant Dullaart, Ann Hirsch and Petra Cortright. I also admire more established names such as Cory Arcangel, JODI, Ryan Trecartin and Shana Moulton. Outside of the art world I'm inspired by fashion designers, musicians and dancers of all sorts, from Gareth Pugh to Pina Bausch, to Lil' Wayne and Kraftwerk.