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Q&A with Jeffrey Lembeck

JavaScript Developer, member of the jQuery Mobile

I'm Jeffrey Lembeck and I'm a web developer who lives in Seattle, WA. I work as a JavaScript Developer for Filament Group. I write a bunch of code, am married to an awesome woman, and have two dogs and two cats. I'm also a TA/Guest Lecturer for Ada Developers Academy, an A List Apart author, and a former member of the jQuery Mobile team.


For Tools - I'm a 13" MacBook Pro user. I like having access to Bash at the command line and prefer the hardware styling/quality. 13" is mostly small enough to lug around with me. I have an external 20" monitor.


I often say that Vim and Git are the only two things that do exactly what I told them to do, every time. I use MacVim (mostly) with the Janus setup. I use Surround, JSHint, Git Gutter, Dirsettings, and a few other plugins for customizing. My OS is Mavericks, but I also use Ubuntu quite a bit via Vagrant and Virtual Box. My browser of choice is Firefox Aurora, but I dev on Chrome Canary as well. I use Limechat for IRC.

Dream setup

This is basically it. I'm easy to maintain. Though, I'd probably be super cool with getting an 11" Air, just so I could have something even smaller and lighter to carry around.


Working at Filament Group gives me the rare ability to be completely surrounded by people who are the absolute best at what they do. Seeing what they are capable of really pushes me to be the best that I can be and to never make anything that is just "good enough." It brings simplicity and rigorous testing to my workflow.

I also spend far too much time thinking about the web as the great democratization of knowledge. I spent hours on end in the mid-90s glued to the screen of a computer going from website to website, soaking up everything that I could. It helped shape my interests and helped quench a lot of my curiosity. In Nov 2013, 17.33% of ALL browsing in Africa was done on Opera Mini; in India, Opera Mini served up 18% and UC Browser served up 20% of all traffic*. If I can't serve up an accessible experience in speed and in form to these people, I will be letting down the next group of young adults who are trying to learn everything they can.

These things, and a wife who keeps me grounded in the fact that too much technology tends to be what blocks us from empathy, rather than too little.