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Q&A with Jean-Baptiste Levee

Typeface designer from France | Custom & retail typefaces

I work methodically in a process where history and technology are approached altogether within the nuances of artistry. I manufacture functional, yet versatile digital platforms for designers to build upon.

Favorite fonts and typefaces

I still need to find who quoted that:

Ask a shepherd which his favorite sheep. If he answers "I like that one for his wool, that one for his milk, yah one for his meat" you know he cares about the pack. If he says "I like that nice little one over there", then he must have something else on his mind


From pencil to Python, my workflow is granular and just adapts, to a certain extent, to the goals I want to achieve.

Photographs Pascal Bejean, June 15, 2010

Ideal work environment

The one where I can perform happily without having the feeling that this is work. Planes, trains, couch, studio space.


People, love, books. See this.