Work inspiration with Jay Fletcher

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Jay Fletcher

Graphic designer and illustrator in Charleston | Identity design

My name's Jay Fletcher and I'm a graphic designer / illustrator in Charleston, South Carolina. I've been here for roughly 12 years, freelancing for most of them, and went full-time on my own about five years ago. The bulk of my work is in the identity design realm – logos, supporting elements, collateral, etc. – though I do a little bit of everything from time to time.


I wish I could claim some sort of inspiringly unique setup, but things are pretty simple around here. I work on a 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 iMac with an Apple Magic Mouse. Everybody and their brother has told me to go Wacom, but I guess I'm just set in my ways at this point.


Pretty much just the Adobe stuff. I'd say 70% of my work is done in Illustrator, and then the remaining 30% split evenly between InDesign and Photoshop. Outside of that, I use Apple's "Things" fairly religiously for simple day-to-day task management. I've tried lots of more complicated stuff, thinking it'd make my life easier, but Things has provided everything I need and nothing I don't.

Dream setup

As far as hardware / software goes, I'm really not too needy. What I have now gets the job done just fine. I'd love to have free, unrestricted access to the catalogs of several font foundries, but wouldn't we all. 

The real dream would be some sort of fantasy studio – a treehouse in the mountains, or an office at the top of a lighthouse or something. Or just Ty Mattson's studio. I'll take that place as-is.


The people I'm working for. Everybody's got their own unique story and needs, and it's extremely inspirational to spend time wrapping your head around other people's lives. It keeps my life feeling fresh. That, and the design world at large, of course. There are so many people doing amazing work these days. It's nuts. Bad design is still out there, but I feel like we're seeing less and less of it.