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Q&A with James Lightbown

Fashion and advertising photographer


James Lightbown, a fashion and advertising photographer based in London specialising in beauty and lingerie.

Camera / lenses

I have a Hasselblad H4D-31 and use with it the 80mm and the 120mm Macro, which is amazing for beauty.


I shoot tethered into Lightroom and use Lightroom for processing and Photoshop if I'm doing any retouching myself.


The most immediate source of inspiration is definitely the model... finding someone you want to shoot with again and being inspired by her. Sometimes it's research in books/magazines or even the cinema. Sometimes it can be a bit leftfield with what's around me. But to be honest mainly it's shooting to the brief, so it's responding and delivering to someone else's inspiration and it's my job realise it whilst hopefully adding something if I can.

Photographers you admire most

Not the obvious ones... and not the obvious ones for my field!

Giles Duley for being inspired by something so devastating.
Ian Ruhter, his Silver and Light project appeals to my inner wanderer 
Mark Wilson for his Last Stand series, beautiful and poignant.
India Hobson for her beautiful take on the world. Everything she sees is beautiful.