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Q&A with Jaime Derringer

Modern art + design, abstract drawings

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Jaime Derringer, a California-based Jersey girl with a passion for modern art + design, a sometimes runner, an art-maker and a proud mom.

Software / hardware

I work on a 27” iMac with an external monitor atop a standing desk so I can switch between being seated and standing at any time. I tote around a 15” MacBook Pro when I travel. I also have an iPhone fused to my hand. I love my Epson R2000 printer and my Canon scanner. I also have a Canon EOS 60D with a 1.8 lens - it’s great! I love technology, but ultimately I like using pencils.

In terms of software and programs, I spend most of my days using Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, Chrome, Wordpress, Adobe PhotoShop, iCal, and Mac Mail… that’s about it.

Ideal work environment

QUIET. I need everything to be quiet so I can concentrate. I don’t often work in coffee shops and have a hard time when there are too many distractions. That’s why I love having my own home office.


I’m a workaholic and work very well as my own boss. I think that having worked in a variety of environments over the years helped me recognize that I’m just better off doing my own thing. I’m a better boss and person for it. Also, much happier! I get inspired and motivated by the amazing content we feature and the awesome team I have.

Admire most

All the designers and artists that we feature on the site are my heroes. The way that they can come up with such creative ideas and execute them so well is a talent that I don’t have—one that I admire.